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International Conference on Access to Justice for Indigenous Peoples: Realisation of an Inclusive & Integrated Human Rights Approach

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Access to justice involves more than the administration of justice through the courts. It includes informal mechanisms to provide people with a sense of “justice” in various contexts and calls for respect and treatment of peoples with equal dignity, including proper consultation on matters pertaining to rights of affected peoples.

Many indigenous peoples have suffered various forms of historical injustices and continue to face challenges to recognition of their rights. Recognising this, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples provide that respect for their rights involves recognising their rights to maintain control and connection to their lands, territories and forests, to strengthen indigenous juridical systems, their social, economic and cultural institutions, their rights to maintain their language, cultural heritage, customs, traditional knowledge, and rights of women in the community. As they cope with modern living, this involves giving them equal rights to critical health care and education. 

As indigenous peoples’ rights are both individual and collective in nature, indigenous peoples remain committed to their struggles and their culture continues to be vibrant while their traditional knowledge is a source of invaluable ingenuity. This helps to better understand their traditional knowledge is a source of invaluable ingenuity. This helps to better understand their traditional values which can help to inform formulation of national strategies, policies and laws, as well as the moulding of equitable remedies.


  • To provide a platform for academic forum by bringing together researchers, individuals and persons  whose scholarly work involves indigenous peoples, to discuss issues concerning access to justice for indigenous communities.

  • To explore avenues for full and effective participation of indigenous communities in various decision making institutions related to their rights  and furtherance of their self determination in all spheres.

  • To  discuss an inclusive and integrated human rights based approach which  is critical to solving various issues between states and indigenous communities.


Papers may be submitted under the following or other related headings:
  • Indigenous peoples jurisprudential approach to justice and its attainment.
  • Business, human rights and indigenous peoples
  • Indigenous governance, institutions, conflict resolution and restorative justice
  • Environmental justice and sustainability of equitable socio economic development
  • Forest laws, governance and trade and community rights
  • Free Prior and Informed Consent
  • ICT and indigenous communities
  • Wellness, social welfare and health issues in indigenous communities
  • Indigenous peoples and community management of forests
  • Indigenous women's access to justice
  • Language and education
  • Protection of ancestral lands, territories and resources
  • Self-determination and indigenous identity
  • Traditional knowledge, cultural heritage and benefit sharing


Academics, lawyers, policy makers and government officers, NGO representatives are invited to contribute papers at this conference. Authors are invited to submit an abstract of not more than 250 words. It should include the title, the author and contact details with keywords. All abstracts must be submitted electronically as a Word document, attachment to the organizers at  umindigenousconf2015@gmail.com.
Abstracts and full papers are to be Times New Roman 12’, at least 1.5 spacing.Please indicate your preferred panel. Paper presenters are required to send in a full paper prior to the conference.

Selected papers will be considered for publication in the Journal of Malaysian and Comparative Law (a peer reviewed journal) or as a chapter in a book published by UM Press.


Abstract submission: 18/2/2015

Acceptance notification by email: 

Paper submission: 25/3/2015

Visit to Museum Orang Asli, Batu 12, Gombak, Selangor.
There will be a visit to the Museum Orang Asli on the last day of the seminar. Please indicate whether you will be coming as places are limited. First come first serve basis.

REGISTRATION FEES                                  

Local Students: RM 150.00                          
Local participants:                                         
Early Bird: RM400.00 Normal rate: RM 500.00            
International participants:                                                                                                       
Early bird :USD 150  Normal rate: USD200                
(This fee covers conference materials,           
lunches, tea and coffee breaks)               
Early bird deadline: 15 March 2015                     
Account details: Universiti Malaya          
CIMB Bank 1440000-4005-053                             
Swift code: CIBBMYKL                                
Scan a copy of your TT and email to the Secretariat
at  umindigenousconf2015@gmail.com


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